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(This is an extract of the Danish and the Slovenian sites. 99% of all costumers come from either Slovenia or Denmark. Thank you for your understanding that not all 35+ pages are translated into English and German.)

Slovensk Sprogservice offers a wide range of services related to

1.) Danish-Slovenian translation

2.) interpretation and

3.) export services.


Mr. Peter Altus, the interpreter, has gained his qualifications by a combination of:

> living in an bilingual environment

> university studies in Slovenia and Denmark

> 1 year course of simultaneous interpretation and

> years of experience in the field.


Experience includes:

+ interpreter at the Slovene embassy in Copenhagen (10y)

+ self-employed interpreter (almost 20y)

+ official interpreter at state visits, parliamentary delegations, courts etc.

+ editor and co-publisher of the most extensive book on Slovenia in Danish

+ export assistance for Slovenian and Danish companies.


Limitation of service

We do not process orders that:

A.) serve money laundry, tax fraud and other explicitly illegal activities

B.) consist of bits and pieces. Only whole documents are accepted for translation.

C.) should not include comments of the interpreter. All translations with a signature of the interpreter will include his remarks about manipulation of the document, assumption of missing parts etc.


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Useful information

Executive interpretation

Extract the full potential of your interpreter. Order executive interpretation to obtain a more smooth and effective contact with your business partner.



Slovenian Danish dictionary

The only printed dictionary on the market is a pocket-sized one that can be bought here. Link

The online dictionary is less than perfect, but it does offer examples of use of the phrase.


Slovene wines

Slovenia produces exquisite wines. Unfortunately only in limited quantities and few people outside Slovenia know about these wines. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to find Slovene wines in Danish shops. Here is a list of companies offering Slovene wines on the Danish market. Link


Slovenian Danish friendship association

In Ljubljana you’ll find an association that includes elements of friendship and a social network club. Link


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